Eccentric Training

PUSH, PUSH, PUSH and let it bounce back to its beginning range of motion……WRONG.  Have you ever tried to control the negative part of your lifting routines?  Did you know that eccentric training allows for greater force production?  Just because the muscle is not shortening doesn’t mean it is not working.  Controlling the force in … [Read more…]

Good Reads of the Week: Edition 4

Read and learn! Osgood Schlatters Disease: Diagnosis and Management – The Sports Physiotherapist Unconventional Exercises for Scapular Stability – Dean Somerset Should You Train Naked? – Dean Somerset  The 7 Most Common Power Clean Technique Mistakes – Eric Cressey The Red Meat Scare: What Do We Make of It? – John Bowden Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday 3/19/12 … [Read more…]

Fixing Your Squat: Part 3

Catch up with the first two posts:  Part One and Part Two Fix #3.3 – Lack of Ankle Dorsiflexion If an individual is lacking on dorsiflexion (usually due to soft tissue dysfunction at the gastroc/soleous), they will not be able to adequately squat, leading to knee valgus (knees cave in) and a forward lean, both occurring … [Read more…]

Fixing Your Squat: Part 2

In the second part of a three-part series, I will be addressing a major issue commonly found in the squat, too much forward lean.  In Part 1 the focus was placed upon weight distribution and teaching the individual to sit-back into the squat. Fix #3: Too Much Forward Lean Of the three fixes talked about, … [Read more…]

Fixing Your Squat

When I first saw this circling around Facebook, I decided it was time to venture over to Integrated Performance Institute and check out the site.  The picture got me thinking about the squat.  It is so easy to get mixed up in this industry with all of the talk about how squats are bad for … [Read more…]