Good Reads of the Week: Edition 9

Can the Scapula play a role in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Rehabiliation – Phil Page Tips to Stick to Your Nutrition Plan While Traveling – Molly Galbraith Pitfalls II: Being in a Rut – Bret Contreras Random Thoughts – Bret Contreras An Interview with Lou Schuler – Bret Contreras Ladies, 5 Reasons Why You Are Losing … [Read more…]

Good Reads of the Week: Edition 8

How Do I Train? – Jim Wendler How I Train Part 2 – Lifting – Jim Wendler How Long Should Your Workout Last – Jason Ferruggia Training Clarity: One Goal at a Time – Dan John Warriors, Kings and Mental Set – Dan John 7 Triple Threat Protocols for an Awesome Burn – Nick Tumminello … [Read more…]

Fix the Back Extension

As you look at the gym floor, there are always those few exercises that are done over and over again improperly.  Obviously, if you have not figured it out by now, I HATE any exercise that is done incorrectly, especially when it involves the lumbar spine.  In many commercial gyms, one of the biggest culprits … [Read more…]

Motivational Youtube Videos: Edition 4

This edition will be based upon Parkour, which is also known as free running.  Parkour is MOVEMENT at its FINEST!  You need to have complete awareness and control over your body to be able to do this sport! Top 5 Motivational Youtube Videos: Parkour Edition #5 – Crazy Jump 100% – Parkour & Freerunning #4 … [Read more…]

Good Reads of the Week: Edition 7

Top 6 Bodyweight Exercises Part 1 – Eirik Forlie Rate of Success: The Young Athlete – Rick Daman Mass Attack – Dan E. Lower Extremity Muscle Activation During Loaded Step-Ups – Chris Beardsley Training Results are Simple But Not Easy – Matt Siniscalchi Is Research Userless?  Why Sitting Might Not Be Killing – Anthony Mychal … [Read more…]