Saturday Good Reads: Edition 3

Top Saturday Good Reads: Advanced Rotary Stability Plank Progressions – Mike Reinold It was Only a Matter of Time – Dean Somerset Exercises You Should Be Doing: Split Stance Low Cable Row – Tony Gentilcore Muscles Stregthening Doesn’t Fix Form; Motor Control Training Does – Bret Contreras The Limitations of Specificty…Defending the Plank and the … [Read more…]

Wednesday Good Reads: Edition 3

Top Wednesday Good Reads: 4 Steps to Fix Your Triceps – Eric Cressey In-the-Trenches with Tony Gentilcore – Perry Nickelston A Mathmatical Challenge to Obesity – Claudia Dreifus Training 101: The Ulitmate Guide to Sets and Reps – Jon Goodman 3 Advanced Saggital Lumbo-Pelvic Cotrol Exercises – Andreo Spina Other Wednesday Training the Rotator Cuff … [Read more…]

Monday Good Reads: Edition 2

Top Monday Good Reads: You Should Study Art – Dean Somerset Hitting the “Re-set” Button – Patrick Ward A Critical Appraisal of the Foam Rolling Research – Bret Contreras 21 Questions for JB Morin on the Topic of Speed – Bret Contreras The Fundamental 5: Going Back to the Basics – Perry Nickelston Balanced Body … [Read more…]

Saturday Good Reads: Edition 2

Top Saturday Good Reads: The Sacroiliac Joint Takes a Beating – Bret Contreras One Squat To Rule Them All – Ben Coker Groin Strain Issues – Matt Siniscalchi Is ART Necessay? – Dave Kirschen How to Perform Grappler Pull-Ups – Smitty Breathing, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and Voodoo Witchcraft – Jim Laird Behind the Walls of … [Read more…]

Wednesday Good Reads: Edition 2

Top Wednesday Good Reads: A Doctor’s Respond, To a Response From a Doctor – Bojan.K The Influence of Anterior Pelvic Tilt on Hip Flexion Mobility – Mike Reinold 5 things We Can Learn From Arnold – Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld Treating Hamstring Cramps: Functional or Structural Approach – Phil Page Trunk Stability for Young … [Read more…]