Top Good Reads Weekly Breakdown: Oct 14 – Oct 20

My Blogs of the Week:
25 Years, 25 Lessons
Guest Blog: Get a GRIP!

Squat 101 – Smitty
A Facelift on Rollouts – Chris Merritt
Triceps Kickbacks: A Poor Triceps Dumbbell Exercise – Nick Tumminello
5 Exercises That No BJJ Competitor Should Be Without – Rich Mejias
EYSBD: Band Assisted Push-Up – Dave Rak
3 Teaching Progressions for the Skater Squat – Ben Bruno
Landmine Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats – Ben Bruno

Program Design and Pre-Made Workouts:
15-Minutes to Wider Shoulders – Jon-Erik Kawamoto
Basic Soccer Strength Program – Matt Siniscalchi
Train Like a Man 7: The Endangered Exercises – Martin Rooney

Training Questions Answered:
Load Your Traps & Master Your RDLs – Smitty
Why Your 2lb Dumbbells Aren’t Doing You Any Good – Anthony Mychal
Is There Really a Difference Between Dumbbells and Kettlebells – David Lasnier
Do You REALLY Follow Through? – Dave Tate
Is Variety That Important? – David Lasnier
What’s the Deal with Spondy? – Tony Gentilcore

Better Training Methods:
More on Assistance Lifts – Jim Wendler
Training for Veteran Lifters – Jim Wendler
Beauty is Only Skin Deep – Bodybuilding Can Be Healthy! – Marc Lobliner
Belly Breathing, Peeing Dogs, and Spiderman – Molly Galbraith
Lift Weights to Build a Healthy and Happy Body – Zach Moore
Feel and Move Better: Installment 22 – Greg Robins
The Art of Balance – Sport Jester
10 Ways to Avoid a Shoulder Injury or Surgery – Jason Ferruggia
Great Info on High Frequency Training – Ben Bruno

Psychology, Kinesiology, A&P, etc… Posts:
Imaging Tech Allows Scientists to Link What We Eat to How We Think – MNT
How the Power of Expectations Can Allow You to ‘Bend Reality’ – Chris Berdik
Solitary Truths – Todd Bumgardner
Obese Teen Boys Have Lower Testosterone Levels – MNT
What Drs Don’t Know About The Drugs The Prescribe – Ben Goldacre
Barefoot Running Part 2: is It Right for Everyone? – Physio Answers
Client Physiology – Mark Reifkind

Training Knowledge Bombs:
Screwed Up My Shoulder + Spent 10yrs Doing the Wrong Thing – Dean Somerset
Get Up. Get Out. Don’t Sit. – Gretchen Reynolds
Why the Sedentary Life is Killing Us – Andre Picard

Eat Your Nutrients – Will Davis
My Battle with Disordered Eating – Nia Shanks
How to Make Protein Ice Cream – Adam Bornstein
7 Good, Trusted Supplements for Your Health – Adam Bornstein
Boost Your Diet with Fiber – Michele Bloomquist
The Last Acceptable Prejudice in America – Dr. Jonny Bowden
Optimus H2O – Kyle Newell
How to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen – John Matulevich
The Complete Guide To Beating Your Meat – Rog Law

Physical Therapy and Rehab:
Obese Children More Likely to Experience Foot, Knee, and Hip Pain – MNT
Review of Conference on Pain and Motor Control – Todd Hargrove
Graded Motor Imagery in Clinical Practice – Simon Tu
Eccentric Training for Flexibility – The Sports Physiotherapist
Discussing “Optimal” Joint Function & Assessment – Dr. Andreo Spina
Do NSAID’s Delay Healing in Stress Fractures? – SMR
COTW: A Great Neurophysiologic Effect for CTS – The Manual Therapist
Cervical Retraction with Extension – The Manual Therapist

Be a Better Personal Trainer:
4 Top Traits a Str Coach/Personal Trainer Should Have – Matt Siniscalchi
Stop Quitting On Yourself – Sean Hyson
No Quit Tips, Part 2 – Sean Hyson
How to Turn Off Days into Highly Productive Days – Dean Somerset
Advice for Aspiring Grad Students and Strength Coaches – Bret Contreras

Self Release on the Psoas (if you need it) – Nick Rosencutter
Even Your Fat Cells Need Sleep – Science Daily

13 Ways to Live a More Positive, Fulfilling and Happy Life – Rog Law
One-Legged Female Powerlifter – John Phung
One Step Back, Two Steps Forward – Chris Merritt
Paying Dues – Chase Karnes

Interview with Anthony Mychal – Mat Herold
Interview with Jordan Syatt – Kyle Bohannon
Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday – Tony Gentilcore
Interview with Lee Boyce –
Interview with Molly Galbraith – Perry Nickelston
Red Bull’s Stratos Stunt – Amy Shira Teitel
Interview with Brad Schoenfeld – Lou Schuler

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