Top Good Reads Weekly Breakdown: Nov 18 – Nov 24

My Blogs of the Week:
9 Ways to be More Awesome At Life Part 3
Be Thankful You Can Workout, SO DO IT!

The Squat Pattern – Zach Moore
The Best Exercise You May Not Be Doing – Mike Baltren
Favorite Exercise for Strengthening the Back – Smitty
The Truth about the Bench Press for Sports Performance – Nick Tumminello
Quick Alternative to Teach Hip Hinging – Matt Siniscalchi
Basic Training Tips: Box Squat – Brian Wardle

Program Design and Pre-Made Workouts:
3 Moves to Bigger Shoulders – Joe Dowdell
4 Weeks to Bigger Legs – Dan Trink
5 Metabolic Circuits to Crown You King-Lean – Rich Thaw
Making Those Stubborn Body Parts Grow – JC Deen
Horizontal Pulling Progressions for Young Athletes – Greg Robins

Training Questions Answered:
Is a 300-Pound Bench Rare? – Tim Henriques
Rows or Pull-Downs for Back Width? – Chris Beardsley
Are You a Former Fat Boy? – BJ Gaddour
Fewer Injuries in Barefoot Runners? – Paul Ingraham
How to Work Up to a 1 Repetition Maximum – Jordan Syatt
When Should I Train on Thanksgiving Day? – Mike Roussell
Front or Back Squats – What’s Better for Your Knees? – Helen Kollias
Should You Make Your Own Gym Equipment? – Jason Ferruggia

Better Training Methods:
Re-Visiting the FMS in the Team Sport Setting – Sean Skahan
9 Ways to do Cardio That Suck Slightly Less – John Romaniello
4 Steps to Fix Your Squat – Tony Bonvechio
Simplifying the Squat – Glen Hotte
Women, Training, and Misconceptions – Jennifer Petrosino
Feel and Move Better: Installment 25 – Greg Robins
13 Ways to Vary any Exercise – Jon Goodman
Just Be Compliant! – Tony Gentilcore
Awaken the Glute Monster! – Dean Somerset
The Powerful Effects of Contract Training! – Joe DeFranco

Psychology, Kinesiology, A&P, etc… Posts:
The Difference b/t Overloaded and Overtraining, Part 1 – Chris Wolf
The Difference b/t Overloaded and Overtraining, Part 2 – Chris Wolf
OCD and Massage Therapy – The Young Thumbs
FMS: Summary of Literature Reviews – Rob Butler
Things You Should Start Doing If You Want Your Muscles to Grow – Jason Maxwell
Sir Mix A Lot’s Concise Deadlift Explanation – Todd Bumgardner
How Long Will a Lie Last? – Kyle Hill

Training Knowledge Bombs:
Training (and) Wheels – Ben Bruno
7 Overlooked Habits of Very Successful Lifters – Jesse Irizarry
I Work Hard – But I’m Not Stupid! – Lee Boyce
14 Deadlift Tips and Tricks – Dave Tate
5 Fat Loss Myths – Justin Grinnell
Preventing Hip, Knee, and Ankle Injuries in Bootcamps – Evan Osar
Training Roundtable with the Experts Part 1 – Rosie
5 Reasons to use Speed Deadlifts in Your Strength Training Programs – Eric Cressey
Developing Young Athletes – Mike Robertson

Thanksgiving Portion Guide to Help You Stay on Track – Kellie Davis
5-Hour Energy Linked to 13 Deaths – Ryan Grenoble
Caffeinated Drinks CIted in Reports of 13 Deaths – Barry Meier
Low Protein Diet Helpful for Kidneys? – Layne Norton
A Strategic Approach to Preventing Holiday Weight Gain – Sohee Lee
What if Bad Fat is Actually Good for You? – Nina Teicholz
Clean Thanksgiving Recipes – Neghar Fonooni

Physical Therapy and Rehab:
Post-ACL and the Quad – Charlie Weingroff
CofW: Part 1 – Low Back Pain: Rapid Responder – The Manual Therapist
Misinformed Consent? – Neil O’Connell
Interactions between Pain and the Motor Cortex – Body in Mind

Be a Better Personal Trainer or Strength Coach:
Not All Questions About Strength need to be Answered – Dan John
Prepare the Child for the Path, Not the path for the Child – Mike Boyle
10 Things Personal Trainers Need to Know About KBs – Neghar Fonooni
5 Rookie Personal Trainer Mistakes That Are Killing Your Business – Mike Samuels

Passion as a Trainer – Ross Enamait
Be Thankful for the Little Things – Chris Merritt
How I Broke My Neck and Became Quadomated – Michael Chasse

In a World of Hurt? – Team EliteFTS
Massage and Stress-Related Symptoms – Patrick Ward

Interview with Ross Enamait – John Sifferman
20 Characteristics of a Real Man – Chad Howse
Interview with Vladimir Zatsiorsky –  Bryan Smith
Intervention with Coach Dan John – Scott Iardella
Interview with Kelly Baggett – Anthony Mychal
Giving Thanks – Tony Gentilcore
Q&A with Dr. Emily Splichal – Perry Nickelston

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