Group Exercise Rehaul

For whoever that knows me is aware that I have a beef with a lot of group exercise, i.e. Crossfit, group exercise classes, most boot camp type programs, etc… so my plan of action for this blog is to conquer ways to make these more effective and safer to run and run well. LaVack Fitness … [Read more…]

Milestone: First Time Interviewed

I have some awesome news for everyone.  I have now been through my first interview ever.  Talk about an awesome experience, plus it was fun to talk back and forth with another like-minded individual!  We shared some emails back and forth, some of that dialog has also made it onto the Interview as well! Michael … [Read more…]

Great People to Quote: Ralph Emerson

In my first edition I posted quotes from George Bernard Shaw and now I am following up with my next post.  This time looking at famous words said by Ralph Emerson. 1. “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” 2. “The years teach much which the … [Read more…]