Top Good Reads Weekly Breakdown: April 1 – April 7


My Blogs of the Week:
Exercise of the Week: Foam Roller Bodysaw
10 Mistakes New Trainers Make

Rolling Dumbbell Tricep Extension – Jordan Syatt
Turkish Get Up Like a Boss – Stacy Schaedler
1-Arm Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up – Eric Cressey
Struggle with Single Leg RDLs? – This Might Really Help – Ben Bruno
Simple Tweak to Maximize the Hip Clam Exercise – Mike Reinold

Program Design and Pre-Made Workouts:
5 by 5 by 5 in 25 – Tim Henriques
Heavy Partials for Size and Strength – Greg Nuckols
You Don’t Want THAT Exercise – Josh Henkin
Programming for Crossfit – Jacob Tsypkin
Youth Training: Building a Base that Builds a Monster – Todd Bumgardner
4-Week Radical Re-Inflation Plan – Dan Blewett

Training Questions Answered:
No BS: The Good and Bad Side of Training – David Allen
I Can’t Gain Weight – Help! – Tony Gentilcore
Do You Think I Need to Replace My Shoes? – The Gait Guys
Fix Your Kettlebell Clean – Jen Sinkler
Running Shoe Selection w/ Restricted Ankle Dorsiflexion – Chris Johnson
Reasons Not to Stretch – Gretchen Reynolds
When to Add Weight to Bodyweight Exercises – Anthony Mychal
How to Tell if Your Trainer Knows What They’re Doing – Molly Galbraith
So You Want to Start Sprinting? – Eric Cressey

Better Training Methods:
Reasons Not to Stretch – Gretchen Reynolds
Maximizing Power Production – Bret Contreras
12 Quick Tips for Better Workouts – Jason Ferruggia
Oly Lifting 1st Pull Corrections – Wil Fleming
Sweeping the Bar: How to Fix Your First Pull – LBEB
10 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts – Jon-Erik Kawamoto
Feel and Move Better: Installment 38 – Greg Robins
Pillars of the Deadlift – Part 1 – Daniel Green
7 Ways to Fix Weak Hamstrings – Jason Ferruggia

Psychology, Kinesiology, A&P, etc… Posts:
Hip Thrust & Glute Science – Bret Contreras
ZOA – Are You in the Zone? – Smart Group Training
Does Decreased Step Height Increase Running Economy? – The Gait Guys
Psychology is Physiology – Josh Bryant

Training Knowledge Bombs:
New Uses for Creatine – Sol Orwell and Kurtis Frank
The Lazy Man’s Guide to Oly Weightlifting – Wil Fleming
Training Clients w/ Low Body Awareness – Dean Somerset
Sexy Shoulder Function – Mike Robertson
A Research-Proven Guide to Gaining Muscle – Armi Legge

Easy Recipe: Sweet Potato Pancakes – Balanced Bites
Debunking The Paleo Diet: A Wolf’s Eye View – Robb Wolf
Nutrition A&A w/ Nate Miyaki – Sean Hyson
How to Eat Big on a Budget Pt. 3 – LBEB
What You Eat is Only Half The Battle – Daniel Wallen
15 Nutrition Myths You Want to Know – Chris and Eric Martinez
The Best Diet in the World – JC Deen

Physical Therapy and Rehab:
Charlie Weingroff Interview – The Manual Therapist
10 Ways to keeping an Athlete Healthy – Steve Fudge
5 Ways Clinicians Fail at MDT – The Manual Therapist
The Effects of Ankle Mobs on Hip Strength – Zach Long
CotW: Fibular Fx Management – The Manual Therapist
Red Flags – Adam Rufa
Voodoo Floss Tape Tricep Release – Chris Flo
Prevent Lower Extremity Injuries in Runners – Emily Splichal
Why the American Problem w/ Chronic Pain is Here to Stay – Jennifer Gunter
Chapter III: Pain Mechanisms and Peripheral Sensitivity – Zac Cupples
Chapter IV: Central Sensitivity, Response, & Homeostatic Systems – Zac Cupples
Chapter V: Neurodynamics – Zac Cupples
Inside the Huddle: Pattern Recognition – Don Reagan

Be a Better Personal Trainer or Strength Coach:
Clash of the Movement Titans – Ryan Williams
Powerlifting: The Definitive Guide – Jordan Syatt
So You Want to Be a Fitness Professional? – Tony Gentilcore

3 Rules to Kicking Ass in Fitness & Life – Jeremy Scott
The Transition – Great to Phenomenal – Eric Thomas
Living in Strength – Alli McKee

Running On Air: Breathing Technique – Budd Coates
Long Live Static Stretching! – Ben Bruno

Random Thoughts – Bret Contreras
Why Blogs Are Stupid – Jonathan Goodman
Maximum Thrust – The Fit Cast
Developing Speed for Sport  – the McCarthy Project

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