Exercise of the Week: Cable Assisted Deadbug

One of my most popular blogs to date has been, 10 Deadbug Variations: Why, Coaching Cues, and Program Considerations, and for good reasons: Deadbugs are an awesome core exercise when done properly. Deadbugs teach proper control of the abdominals. Deadbugs are an amazing exercise to help teach rib positioning in a regressed position allowing for … [Read more…]

19 Step-Up Variations for Strength & Performance

There are a lot of important exercises that can be found in most gym-goers’ programs.  The Big 3 (bench, squat, deadlift) are commonly found in programs.  This is due to the fact that they work. I have noted about 10-15 exercises which are commonly found in most programs.  These are possibly then combined with the occasional split-stance … [Read more…]

6 Exercise Variations to Unlock More Stability and Make You Stronger

There is always a ton of talk about “weak hips” and “needing to strengthen your abductors for such and such a reason”.  While we can argue on what exactly works, one thing we can agree on is that everyone; from the average Joe to the elite athlete, can benefit from controlling movements side-to-side (coronal plane). … [Read more…]