Exercise of the Week: Arm Foam Roller Bodysaw

Looking for a challenging core exercise that you can easily do from home?  Grab your foam roller! It’s still a great tool to aid in recovery but can also help build a stronger core.

In the past I’ve mentioned an exercise called the Foam Roller Bodysaw.  Check out the video below for a demonstration.

I’ve heard from many clients that have tried this exercise, and while they felt it in their core, they also felt discomfort/pain in their lower back.  Many also felt it was too difficult for them.  So the question I faced was how can there still be benefit from this type of exercise without the negative consequences?


I thought reducing the range of motion a significant amount would make the difference but some individuals still felt pain.  After deliberating I found that changing the position of the foam roller on the persons limbs made the difference.  Enter Arm Foam Roller Bodysaw.  This was exactly the exercise I was looking for!  See below:


Cues and Tips:

  • Start in a plank position.
  • Squeeze your core and glutes tight.
  • Your mid-section will want to naturally sink a bit but avoid this and do not let the ribs drop.
  • Your hands should start mid-forearm and extend to about the elbow.
  • This exercise is also incredibly beneficial to those that need to increase their shoulder stability.

Want more exercises for a stronger core and more resilient body?

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