Good Reads of the Week: Edition 9

Can the Scapula play a role in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Rehabiliation – Phil Page Tips to Stick to Your Nutrition Plan While Traveling – Molly Galbraith Pitfalls II: Being in a Rut – Bret Contreras Random Thoughts – Bret Contreras An Interview with Lou Schuler – Bret Contreras Ladies, 5 Reasons Why You Are Losing … [Read more…]

Good Reads of the Week: Edition 7

Top 6 Bodyweight Exercises Part 1 – Eirik Forlie Rate of Success: The Young Athlete – Rick Daman Mass Attack – Dan E. Lower Extremity Muscle Activation During Loaded Step-Ups – Chris Beardsley Training Results are Simple But Not Easy – Matt Siniscalchi Is Research Userless?  Why Sitting Might Not Be Killing – Anthony Mychal … [Read more…]

Good Reads of the Week: Edition 6

13 Things I Learned and Re-Learned at the Animal Flow Workshop – Perry Nickelston The Chop-and-Lift Exercise for Back Rehabilitation – Perry Nickelston When Training Can’t Help – Dean Somerset Mobility Exercise of the Week: Bowler Squat – Eric Cressey Open Day Musings: Are You Willing to Put in the Work – Eric Cressey Evidence-Based … [Read more…]

Good Reads of the Week: Edition 5

Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of blogs last week.  Massage Therapy school is in full swing, plus I needed to get certified in Functional Movement Screen.  I am back on track and expect some more great blogs coming your way.  Always continue your knowledge; start with these! “Batwing Rows and Curls – Ben Bruno … [Read more…]