Running for Fat Loss: 5 Little Known Ways to Eliminate Foot Pain and Blisters

Been running to lose some weight?  That’s great! It’s an effective strategy to help assist in the shedding of fat, and improves your cardiovascular health and endurance.  Unfortunately, many runners will encounter issues with their feet which limits their ability to continue running. The most common of these issues are: Pain in the foot Blisters … [Read more…]

7 Habits of Successful Runners

Are you looking to become a better runner?   Do you want to break your 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon PR?   There are some habits that just about all successful runners do consistently that you may not be implementing. Okay, I get it, successful runners have great genetics, but there are numerous strategies … [Read more…]

6 Exercise Variations to Unlock More Stability and Make You Stronger

There is always a ton of talk about “weak hips” and “needing to strengthen your abductors for such and such a reason”.  While we can argue on what exactly works, one thing we can agree on is that everyone; from the average Joe to the elite athlete, can benefit from controlling movements side-to-side (coronal plane). … [Read more…]