Exercise of the Week: 1.5 Squats

Sometimes you just want to make squats harder, or are having trouble breaking through that strength plateau no matter what you do.  You think you’ve tried everything, but what about a longer duration set? Did go slow on the way down and up? How about adding an extra portion of the rep into the mix? … [Read more…]

LaVack Fitness Update: Merging Blogs (Here’s Why)

How has your summer been? Mine has been absolutely amazing.  All of my clients keep hitting or making great progress towards their goals: pain-reduction, weight loss, faster runners, better athletes, or even looking better naked. I have been averaging about 60-70 hours/week of hands-on time with clients at the Beverly Athletic Club.  In addition to my online clients, with … [Read more…]

Absolutes: Enough is Enough.

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting JC Deen.  If you are unfamiliar with who he is, take a look at his website, JCD Fitness.  As we were chatting, the topic of Fitness and Rehab came up.  We quickly started discussing the fact that a vast majority of the fitness industry and rehab community have … [Read more…]